Operational Restructure for Softvoyage.

Canadian-based Softvoyageå‘s consolidator division will, as of November 1st 2001, become a new independent company under the name of Openfares.
This new company will continue developing and providing the travel industry with specialised software solutions to help the various segments of the industry harvest the greater benefits from airlines negotiated fares.

Although Openfares is an independent company, it will maintain its close business association with Softvoyage to insure continued customer support along with new, mutual business development. Part of Openfares business strategy will be, on top of its existing core software solutions such as the Webfares management tool and Webbooking engine, to provide new integrated solutions offering added value to our clients` main business.

Existing Softvoyage Consolidator clients will be transferred to this new company as of November 1st. This will be done as transparent as possible so that no additional work be imposed on these clients. Openfares` business and support telephone number will be provided to each client prior to the effective transfer date.

A new company with a dynamic team to lead Openfares and its clients into the new, emerging order of the travel industry. Louis Mercier will be the acting President of Openfares and will be seconded by a group of dedicated individuals including Suzanne Boutet as Operations Director, Jean-Philippe Dubois as Chief Financial Officer, Jean-Philippe Béliveau as Industry Specialist, and Robert Audet to look after the commercial aspect of the company. Openfares team of programmers will include system veterans such as Youssef Rzaini, Stéphane Guimond and James Bacal.

We are confident in the fact that Openfares will maintain and build on its legacy to be the market leader in fare management and distribution technology, a trusted partner to all its current and future clients.