Technology Enhancements for Nexus World Services.

Nexus World Services recently announced additional changes to their technology for electronic Request For Proposals (RFPs), as well as the product`s name change to Nexus RFP Solutions.

With these enhancements, Nexus RFP Solutions (previously JBH-Hotel RFP Solutions) will now offer even greater versatility for individual hotels, major hotel groups and hotel consortia. Following is an overview of Nexus World Services` new developments:

* Nexus RFP Solutions users now have the ability to respond to Carlson Wagonlit Travel Corporate bids using the specifications required by Carlson Wagonlit. Users will also be able to continue to respond to RFPs via the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) standards.

* A quality control feature now compares the negotiated rate with other rate tables and only accepts those that offer good value to the travel manager.

* A new reminder system and calendar function facilitate proper planning of RFP responses by the individual hotel`s sales representative. This supplements the “live” exchange of data between regional sales offices and hotels which Nexus World Services` already provides.


* Users can access an enhanced quick view feature that allows them to check the status of RFPs to ascertain whether they have been accepted.

Nexus World Services is also currently developing extensions of Nexus RFP Solutions to include the management and output of consortia RFPs. This management module, which will be ready shortly, will allow member hotels to track consortia participation, invoicing and payment of inclusion fees. Hotel clients that have utilized JBH-Hotel RFP Solutions to manage their incoming RFPs since its inception four years ago will continue to benefit from these extensions to their current service under Nexus World Services.

“We have used JBH-Hotel RFP Solutions since its creation four years ago, and from what we have seen so far, Nexus World Services has made great improvements in user friendliness and functionality,” said Michele Frieri, RFP Manager at Hyatt International Corporation. “The staff at Nexus World Services continues to take our suggestions to heart, by continually fine tuning the product to better serve their clients.”

Nexus RFP Solutions was originally developed for the individual hotelier and hotel chains as a way to ease the management of the corporate RFP process as designated by the National Business Travel Association (NBTA). The basis for the content of Nexus RFP Solutions is NBTA`s standardized RFP form, both the established form and the newer form recently released by NBTA, which allows hotels to use the tools that they are familiar with while making the RFP process faster, more flexible and easier to navigate. Additionally, it offers a “Corporate Viewer” that facilitates a hotel group`s management, initiation and monitoring of the RFP process within its regional sales offices and member properties by providing a complete overview of activity.

From its offices in Denver, Colorado, Nexus World Services provides all hotel clients absolute security and protection of proprietary data. The company oversees management of web-based Nexus RFP Solutions while also further developing tools for the hotel industry including a data collection module and a single platform sales account management system. Future plans include the development of the Corporate Viewer into a completely web-based application, and the creation of an interface into an auto rate loading function for Global Distribution Systems and the Internet.