Skip Christmas With has announced a national promotion that will support the humorous new John Grisham novel, “Skipping Chrismas.”

The Grisham story hinges on a cruise vacation planned by a harried couple hoping to avoid the hassles of Christmas, but eventually given away to neighbours in recognition of the true spirit of Christmas.

“For, the promotion offers a rare opportunity to integrate a national strategy for communicating the benefits of cruise travel in a thoughtful way this Christmas,” says Dave Lucas, president & CEO, “John Grisham is one of the most respected novelists in the world, whose books are read and enjoyed by a broad audience. Our ability to partner with his publisher and promotions firm provides an excellent platform to communicate the value of cruise travel to a highly affluent and sophisticated marketplace.”

The “Skipping Christmas” contest will be promoted via national broadcast and cable television advertising that will include branding and cruise footage. Contestants will be instructed on how to enter via directions given through television advertisements appearing on 11 of the nation`s top 40 broadcast markets. Each station will award 25 copies of the Doubleday novel, and the 11 grand-prize winners will be selected from the book winners.

The promotion begins November 5, 2001 and ends December 20, 2001.