Air2Web Launches Mobile E-mail Platform

Air2Web is launching its Mobile Email Platform providing wireless access to Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange applications in November.

The platform, a subset of Air2Web`s Mobile Internet Platform, will include real-time access to e-mail, calendars, contact data and attachments, as well as the ability to securely authenticate the device and user prior to giving wireless access to e-mail accounts.

Following Air2Web`s announced strategy to reach any device with wireless applications, all digital mobile devices are supported, the company said. Devices supporting full, interactive use of e-mail and PIM include: Web-enabled phones (WAP), Palm VIIs, RIM pagers and Window CE Devices (PocketPC).

Users of SMS messaging devices will receive notification and initial text of new e-mails and calendar updates alerting them to critical events that may need their attention. The ability to reach all employees using existing personal devices greatly extends the usability while minimizing the expense of wireless e-mail.

The Mobile Email Platform addresses immediate needs for mobile e-mail while providing a clear, strategic path to a single wireless platform that can support all wireless initiatives, said Sanjoy Malik, president and chief executive officer of Air2Web.


“Delivering to businesses a real-time, wireless e-mail application which allows employees to access their calendars, contacts, e-mails and, most uniquely, attachments will enable enterprises to access and communicate out to their customers and colleagues critical points of data anytime, anywhere and from many different devices,`` Malik said.

“When coupled with the ability to authenticate the user and device prior to allowing e-mail access and provide an extensible platform that reaches far beyond e-mail, this becomes the most powerful e-mail offering available,” he said.

Air2Web`s application will provide the ability to:

Be notified immediately of new, critical e-mails and changes to calendars.

Read, respond to, forward, create, and delete e-mails, contacts, and calendar entries.

View and forward Word, Excel, pdf, text and PowerPoint attachments.

Authenticate the device and user to secure wireless access to e-mails using wireless PKI certificate technology from VeriSign, as well other security technology.

The Mobile Internet Platform

Air2Web provides the most powerful, comprehensive, and flexible platform for wirelessly extending enterprise information systems and corporate data across any carrier, any network, and 100 percent of the digital device market. Air2Web`s scalable solution incorporates advanced use of text and audio, optimizes device functionality, and provides the most secure wireless platform available.

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