User Feedback Solutions From iPerceptions.

iPerceptions Inc. has introduced a powerful new process for creating long-term relationships with all of an organization`s customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

User Managed Relationships (“U.M.R.”) is a dynamic technology that makes organizations more valuable to their constituents, which, in effect makes them more valuable to the organization.

U.M.R. leads to a significantly improved R.O.I. since it enables a knowledge-based response to actual needs, wants and expectations of key constituents, resulting in competitive advantage through an optimal “return-on-relationship.”

About iPerceptions:
iPerceptions is a leading provider of services that enable organizations to develop and continually enhance relationships in the interactive digital world. Its suite of webValidator solutions deliver key insights into how actual users relate to a web site via a sophisticated, yet simple and universal framework—establishing a foundation for heightened customer knowledge and true, user-led innovation power. iPerceptions` diverse client base represents over 20 industry sectors and includes Alcan Inc., Bayer Pharmaceuticals, CBS, The Gillette Company and Holiday Inn. The company`s corporate offices are located in New York City and Montreal, Canada. Sales offices are located in New York, Toronto, Montreal and London.