Online Restructure For Asiatravelmart

Dynamic changes within the travel industry have offered new opportunities for the owner and operator of leading online- travel marketplace,

Targeting the full spectrum of the travel service delivery process, Asiatravelmart Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Asia Travel Network Sdn. Bhd.) has embarked on an aggressive restructuring exercise.

The subsidiaries will focus on their core businesses from two main divisions: B2C initiatives and B2B sales. The new streamlined structure will allow the company to re-define the business strategy, capitalise on strong demands and consumer patterns, while securing a greater share of the global travel market. The formation of the new business unit is a tangible reflection of the impressive growth of the company, its commitment to continue as customer-focused, and constantly offer the best possible solutions to the industry. This strategic decision gives greater visibility to the market value of each of the subsidiaries, allowing each business unit to be more responsive to its specific market and more quickly seize growth opportunities.

“The increasing complexity of today`s businesses, technologies and infrastructure has necessitated an immediate need for us to synthesise our business objectives. We are confident that this exercise will fulfil Asiatravelmart`s desired thrust to be positioned as a provider of holistic travel-related services, technology, infrastructure provider and solutions for the global travel industry. This restructuring is aimed at propelling the continued growth of the global travel market,” shared Alex Kong, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Asiatravelmart.

Asiatravelmart`s main business-to-consumer initiative is its flagship product This revolutionary, award-winning travel exchange offers over 110,000 travel-related products and services and registers more than 110,000 hits daily. Despite the overwhelming success and prominence of the site, Asiatravelmart is seeking to capitalise on the lucrative B2B market.


Asiatravelmart has developed leading B2B products, from online booking to Business Travel Management System (BTMS), Flight Application Programming Exchange (FAPIX), Hotel Application Programming Exchange (HAPIX) and ePartner Programme for the travel agents, airlines, hotels and corporations. Kong strongly believes that B2B initiatives will be the major contributor to Asiatravelmart`s future profitability.

Identifying technology as a major driving force in the future development of the travel industry, Asiatravelmart responded to the growing demand for customised services and technology solutions and has positioned itself as an industry leader with a comprehensive range of technology solutions. With its proprietary technology, Asiatravelmart aims to deliver robust and interoperable solutions for the global market.

With the restructuring exercise, Asiatravelmart is better equipped to meet the business needs of its various target segments. The new corporate focus on the two business divisions, B2B and B2C, offers multiple revenue streams and increases its value proposition to employees, customers, partners and investors. “Streamlining the operations of the company allows us to extend our reach on the global stage, better focus on revenue generating initiatives and specialise in the growth areas within the industry,” concluded Kong.