Spy Travel Network Expands To Indonesia

SPY Travel Network (www.spyspy.com), the B2B E-wholesaler for land-based travel products, with key relationships established in Kuwait, India, Japan, China have now finalized its plans for Indonesia.
The travel agency network has recently reached the 2000 mark in just over 3 months!  And once again has now addressed a mass market place of real significance.
Whilst Indonesia may not have the best IT infrastructure currently it also represents too good a leisure market to ignore. Linbert will invest with an expectation that business will grow significantly in the near future. Unlike other markets, Linbert will be introducing www.spyspy.co.id (AKAN DATANG) to access and be accessed by the travel agencies in Indonesia directly. 

It has already secured PACTO Travel, Lintas Travel, and a few other travel agents, as its first clients whom will then grow it out to their respective network of agency support. Linbert will be in Indonesia with a small set-up to service all agents directly that come onboard. It will provide its partner agencies a private-label system to search, select, book and receive instant confirmations on reservations in real-time with the ability for them to wholesale it on with a built-in commission structure for its retail network. In addition, all its wholesalers and retail travel agents are able to issue customized vouchers, in their own name/brand from their own offices. The SPY BBC Internet platform empowers both wholesalers and retail travel agencies and their network and customers with an “instant” travel reservation system with the least expensive communication costs today as bookings are done directly over the Internet.

Dr. Leslie Choudhury, Acting President of Linbert Travel Exchange said, “We now have a system available in English and Korean, with Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia to be introduced all within the next 3 weeks or so. Linbert is the only e-wholesaler that provides a multi-language, multi-currency platform of distribution with tremendous flexibility in real time. The potency of working with us is a logical step. We constantly looking to form win/win relationships and have targeted Taiwan and Australia next.”

Linbert Travel Exchange owns and operates spyspy.com, winner of the Golden Web Award 2000 in the online B2B travel website category. The company is one of the early pioneers in adopting the Internet to distribute its travel products online to the travel community in 1997 with its B2B & BBC platform to help its wholesalers and retail travel agents to reach out to more consumers, more efficiently.