E-Commerce To The Fore In Europe - Accenture Study.

An Accenture survey of European attitudes to e-commerce has found that 60% of those companies questioned will spend more on web-based ways of working over the next 12 months.
Rosemary O`Mahony, an Accenture expert on technology and co-author of the report, said this was driven by the realisation that e-commerce could help businesses weather the downturn. The report revealed that the champions of e-commerce are no longer just to be found with the technology departments of big companies. She said that the report, now in its 4th year, showed how the attitudes of senior executives had changed to recognise the potential of e-commerce. What had also changed, she said, were the uses that companies were finding for e-commerce. Most companies had stopped expanding customer-facing websites and now were embarking on more far-reaching projects that re-shape basic business functions.

The full report is available at: www.accenture.com