Combine Net-based Information With Digital Delivery. has launched a revolutionary line of print on demand large format printed wall maps, with an iPowered component.

Using on-demand technology coupled with the thousands of digital maps in the library, has been able to be first to market with a wide variety of large format printed maps of the Middle East. It is as easy for a customer as selecting a digital file from an online catalog, and thereafter handles the printing and delivery of the finished map in a variety of printed sizes. Purchasers have already included those in government agencies, travel agents, broadcast studios, K-12 and college educators, as well as general consumers.

Any on demand wall map is powered with an Internet component, iPowermaps. The iPowermaps concept allows purchasers of a printed map product to access supplemental Internet content relative to the map title using a special URL, listed on the map.

Available immediately are wall maps of Afghanistan, Pakistan or the Middle East region in large format print sizes. The three large format sizes are: 1) Standard: 3` x 4`, 2) Large: 4` x 5` 4”, 3) Huge: 6` x 8`. Using on-demand technology, large format printed wall maps are then shipped out within 72 hours.

Users of any new iPowered large format wall map have access to additional reference information at Purchasers point their browser to an iPowered URL, and gain instant access to an exclusive World Map Center created for iPowered map users. The World Map Center contains in-depth information on the particular country or region purchased. Center information includes: Detailed political country maps, detailed physical country maps, up-to-date weather conditions, Business Traveler Guide, up-to-the-minute currency converter, World Factbook facts and statistics on each country. Nowhere else is all this information pulled together and presented in such an easy to use format, and free format.


Consumers can also choose among over fifty thousand digital map files in the Library for their on demand print maps, selecting from any U.S. State, country, continent or a variety of historical/thematic maps in large format print sizes, also up to 6` x 8`. Turnaround time is approximately two weeks for those requesting additional files in the Library for large format prints. Customization is available upon request. include ABC News, The National Geographic Society, American Automobile Association, McGraw Hill, CNN Interactive, The Library of Congress and Verizon among their clients.