COOL AIRPORT Provides Real-time Personalised Services To Passengers

Nextenso today announced its technological partnership with HP`s COOL AIRPORT project.
COOL AIRPORT is a new platform offering mobile services to passengers who have purchased a plane ticket and wish to be informed in the hours preceding their departure of news concerning their flight.

AIRPORT takes travelers` localization into account, too, in order to provide real-time personalized services.

Thanks to the COOL AIRPORT service, travelers can prepare their journey more efficiently. On their personal mobile terminals, they can receive information about their flight (exact departure times, gate) as well as details about the condition of traffic on the route to the airport. COOL
This mobile services platform, which reunites a number of different content sources (airport databases, cartographical information, the user`s personal profile, etc), is built on elements of the Nextenso software suite, most notably the “Nx Location Server” application.

The COOL AIRPORT platform, in conjunction with Nextenso`s Nx Location Server, allows for innovative offerings specifically tailored to mobile telephones. For instance, the geographical position of a mobile phone-equipped user is automatically calculated with the Nx Location Server application, which enables these users to easily and quickly access proximity services.

Via COOL AIRPORT, travelers can learn:

á How long it will take them to get to the airport, no matter whether they are traveling in a personal car, a taxi, or in public transportation.


á information concerning their flight: whether it`s scheduled to depart on time, how late it will be if it`s late, where the check-in counters are, which parking lot to use

á the fastest route to the airport

and they can also find information about:

á the weather where they are or where they`re going,

á gift shops, newsstands and other boutiques in the airport

These services are accessible via WAP, SMS and the Web.
Shortly, users will also be able to receive their personalized information on a GPRS Jornada palmtop device, thereby benefiting from the excellent data exchange and display possibilities of this new network technology.

Users can receive information in both a “Push” and a “Pull” fashion:

á In “Push” mode, travelers will receive a maximum of 6 text messages (SMS) commencing three hours before their scheduled departure time, containing practical information about air traffic, the flight`s timeliness, the check-in counters and departure gates, etc

á In “Pull” mode, the user can request information about the fastest route to the airport, the length expected for this journey, more detailed flight information, etc. Similarly, a friend or a taxi company coming to pick someone up at the airport can access the services from a WAP telephone.

About Nextenso

Nextenso is Alcatel’s suite of modular portal applications to create and enrich multi-access communication and information services. With more than 20 ready-to-customize applications and services operational today, Nextenso 3 is the richest Internet portal software suite on the market, and contains all the applications your customers need to optimise their core business and their costs, whatever their market.

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Nextenso enables both telecom operators and corporations to create their Internet portal or to build on their existing portal strategy, whether B-to-B (business-to-business), B-to-C (business-to-consumers or to-customers), or B-to-E (business to employees).

Nextenso has been delivering its software to clients since late 1998, and enjoys a growing list of customers, currently counting product deployments in 17 countries around the world.
Headquartered in the city of Antony (a suburb of Paris, France). Nextenso also has offices in Singapore, and is growing rapidly.