‘Integrated E-Business Models Are More Critical Than Ever’, AMR Research.

According to AMR Research, companies need to capitalize on the $465 Billion opportunity afforded to them by leveraging e-business and supply chain technologies.

Organizations need to actively pursue their use of technology to develop successful business models and planning strategies that achieve real bottom line benefits, and long-term results.

AMR Research`s Supply Chain Strategies Practice helps companies take this step to develop an effective e-business strategy in conjunction with transitioning their supply chains into potential value chains.

“A successful business strategy is dependent on the pervasive use of e-commerce and the Internet in all aspects of a company`s business,” said Larry Lapide, Vice President and GM, Benchmarking Services, AMR Research. “By leveraging all electronic means of exchange and coordinating new business models with their supply chains, companies can vastly improve operational efficiency and serve their current and prospective customers more effectively.”

Larry was recently named one of four top supply chain management thought leaders by Supply Chain Technology News.


“Executives need to arm themselves with a broad view of the e-business landscape and examples of how to maximize the success rate of their company`s strategic initiatives,” added John Fontanella, Service Director, Supply Chain Strategies, AMR Research.

A new book published by the Council of Logistics Management (CLM) entitled E-Business: The Strategic Impact on Supply Chain and Logistics, focuses on the specific concepts and technologies surrounding a company`s e-business and supply chain evolution. The book serves as a resource for executives by providing guidelines, practical advice, and case studies to help them capitalize on the enormous value offered by an aligned, well-integrated IT strategy. The book is co-authored by Larry Lapide and John Bermudez, Senior Vice President, Research Operations, AMR Research and Michael Bauer, Partner, North American Automotive Practice, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and Chuck Poirier, Partner in CSC`s Supply Chain Practice.

For more information on purchasing E-Business: The Strategic Impact on Supply Chain and Logistics, please contact the Council of Logistics Management directly at 630-574-0985.

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