Teradata Announces Logical Data Model for Travel

Teradata, a division of NCR
Corporation (NYSE: NCR), today introduced the Teradata(R) Travel Logical Data
Model (LDM) 1.0 to assist airline, travel agency, bus, rail, cruise line,
lodging and car rental companies in creating an architectural blueprint of the
information requirements for a Teradata(R) warehouse prior to implementation.
An integrated, subject-oriented base of strategic business information,
the Teradata Travel LDM offers a single view of the customer experience to
employees across an enterprise.  An airline, for example, can track customer
activity throughout the travel cycle, including Web-based travel planning,
purchasing tickets at an airport or agency, traveling to the destination and
interacting with the company after travel has been completed.  The airline can
then utilize this information to form better customer relationships and create
more targeted marketing campaigns.
The Teradata Travel LDM offers insights that drive improved company
performance.  Customer value can be measured based on revenue generated benchmarks.  Distressed inventory on
specific dates or flights can be matched to customer interests that have been
traced through the Teradata Travel LDM, and targeted communications can be
developed to encourage purchases.  The impact of operational performance (lost
luggage, delayed flights) on future customer choices can be captured and
analyzed, allowing the travel company to take steps that will improve its competitive position.
The Teradata Travel LDM is modeled to support everyday questions, such as
“who are my most valuable customers” or “which marketing campaigns and
promotional programs have been the most successful.”  Companies can also
handle complex queries, such as analyzing the effects of operational impacts
to revenue and customer behaviour, by addressing questions that require data
integration across and between departmental silos.  The Travel LDM organizes a company`s essential data around 17
subject areas that support privacy, click stream/Web analytics and customer
relationship management (CRM).
Teradata has created the Travel LDM based on extensive knowledge in
designing and implementing hundreds of logical data models for companies in
multiple industries. The Teradata Travel LDM 1.0 can help users visualize how information is organized within the data warehouse environment.
This creates stability in the data warehouse, reduces overall development
time, increases speed to market and eliminates the risk of costly redesigns
down the road.
“This complex logical data model was designed by LDM and industry experts
specifically for airlines and other travel companies who require collecting
information about the customer experience across the enterprise.  Since the
Travel LDM maps the business processes before the Teradata warehouse is ever
built, it will shave months of development time off an enterprise data
warehouse implementation, thus delivering greater return-on-investment
benefits faster,” said Steve Dworkin, director, travel and transportation
industry marketing.
Modular in nature, the Teradata Travel LDM is designed in “third normal
form” for flexibility and a changing environment.  As a company adds new
business or types of customers, changes products or distribution channels or
varies its customer campaigns, the LDM is easily extended by adding modules,
entities or sets of attributes.  The Teradata Travel LDM provides the
foundation for building an enterprise data warehouse and will continue to be
enhanced to support new additions to the Teradata Travel Solution Portfolio.
EVA Airways, which serves major business and leisure destinations on four
continents and in Oceania, is the first company to utilize Teradata`s Travel
LDM as the foundation for building its enterprise data warehouse, which is
currently being implemented.
Teradata`s proven methodology has been successfully
implemented at the leading travel and transport companies, including seven of
the nine most profitable airlines—eight of the 13 with the highest
operating revenue.  The largest data warehouse in the travel and
transportation industry is a Teradata warehouse, supporting over 4,000 users.

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