Igougo To Provide Travel Services And Information On Earthlink

IgoUgo has partnered with EarthLink (NASDAQ: ELNK), one of the world`s largest Internet service providers, to
provide travel services, information and reviews on EarthLink`s popular
Personal Start PageSM subscriber portal. 
Integrating the IgoUgo travel
community once again reflects EarthLink`s commitment to making the best
available travel tools and resources readily accessible to its subscribers.

IgoUgo (www.igougo.com) is a travel club and community of avid travellers
sharing their experiences through travel journals and photos.  Since
launching in April 2000, IgoUgo members have posted nearly 30,000 journals
and photos for over 2,000 destinations worldwide.

IgoUgo provides some of the most valuable travel content available on the
web- the recommendations and perspectives of real travellers.  “We believe
that our democratic approach to original content is a perfect fit with
EarthLink as they continue to provide their subscribers with ways to make
the Internet a relevant and productive resource in their everyday lives,”
says IgoUgo president Jim Donnelly.  Reviews of accommodations, restaurants
and activities are unbiased and navigable according to each member`s travel

In addition to providing a growing collection of journals and photos,
IgoUgo offers EarthLink`s 4.9 million subscribers an active travel
community.  “We are extremely excited to promote IgoUgo to EarthLink
subscribers.  With regard to travel, there is nothing more reassuring than
having access to real travelers who have been where you want to go,” says
IgoUgo CEO Tony Cheng.  Plus additional features such as the IgoUgo Rewards
Program and the IgoUgo Travel Club provide EarthLink subscribers access to a
truly unique community experience.

About EarthLink
The number 1 Provider of the Real InternetTM, EarthLink brings the magic of the
Internet to approximately 4.9 million subscribers every day. Headquartered
in Atlanta, EarthLink provides a full range of innovative access, hosting
and e-commerce solutions to thousands of communities through a nationwide
network of dial-up points of presence, and broadband and wireless
technologies. EarthLink is committed to doing an exceptional job of pleasing
its subscribers, shareholders and the community by following the company`s
Core Values and Beliefs. Information about EarthLink services through EarthLink`s Web site at



About IgoUgo
Nominated as Best Travel Site by the Webby Awards in 2001, IgoUgo is an
online travel club that features a community of real people sharing travel
experiences through journals and photos.  IgoUgo partnerships include the
Rough Guides guidebook company, and the British & Swiss Tourism Authorities.
Information about partnering with IgoUgo, or any of the IgoUgo sites at