Real-Time Worldwide Hotel Bookings

SCS Solars Computing Systems Inc. (“SCS”), a provider of information technology solutions for the travel industry, announced today that it has entered into a letter of intent with P.Z.Resort Systems Inc. (å“RSIå”) to collaborate on a hotel room real time booking system.

RSI’s ResLinx? inventory management software is based on an ASP model and allows a hotel property to load their inventory into ResLinx? via the Internet. The agreement entails the development of an interface between ResLinx? and SolarNet that will enable 450,000 worldwide travel agents to access the ResLinx? database via SolarNet’s direct connections to the 4 major Global Distribution System/Computerized Reservation System (“GDS/CRS”) networks. Through the SolarNet/ResLinx? collaboration, travel agents everywhere will have the ability to:

(1) search the ResLinx? database of hotel properties,

(2) perform a real-time room availability check, and

(3) book the hotel room and receive instant confirmation.

SCS’s strategy is to diversify into other travel industry market segments that can utilize its unique global distribution capabilities. This new venture, in itself, is a large market opportunity for both, SCS and RSI as there are thousands of potential customers for the new hotel room booking system. The target market for the new booking system is the independent chain and individual hotel property looking for greater product exposure, increased revenue and additional bookings from travel agents.

In addition to providing GDS/CRS distribution, SolarNet will provide the participating hotel chain, or property, with an individual NewsWire site. SolarNet’s NewsWire, is an electronic bulletin board for inventory specials and product listings that the user manages direct from their office. It’s ease of use and instantaneous posting of information is ideal for moving travel inventory quickly. As with all the SolarNet products NewsWire’s value stems from its unique ability to distribute information across channels to all the GDS/CRS systems as well as the Internet. Upon signing up for the new booking system customers will receive a NewsWire site free for 3 months, thereafter there will be a US$50 to US$100 charge per month for the NewsWire service depending on the size of the customer.

RSI will provide its inventory loading software free of charge to each hotel property and host the room inventory free of charge for a period of time in return for the hotel property’s commitment to pay a transaction fee on all bookings performed through the SolarNet/ ResLinx? system.


The SCS/RSI collaboration is based on a service bureau model with each party receiving a portion of the transaction fee. Details of the agreement are to be completed by October 31, 2001, and the target launch date for the new system is January 1, 2002.

P.Z.Resort Systems Inc.

P.Z.Resort Systems Inc., established in 1978, is a leading developer of property management software reservation applications for the hospitality industry. RSI was the first property management software developer to provide an ASP-based solution for the Hotel Industry. Their legacy and ASP-based systems are installed in North America, Europe, the UK and the Caribbean.

RSI is a public company, trading on the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX) under the symbol “LLX”. For more information on RSI and its products we invite you to visit our web site at:

SCS Solars Computing Systems Inc.

SCS is a provider of information technology solutions for the travel industry. SCS`s core competency is the electronic distribution of applications and information throughout the travel industry supply chain via its proprietary network, SolarNet. SolarNet can take content from any source and distribute it via a powerful combination of the Internet and the established travel industry GDS/CRS networks—Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and WorldSpan that reach 95% of the world`s travel agents.
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