Relief For Suppliers From Worldspan.

Worldspan is introducing relief initiatives aimed at helping the company`s travel suppliers recover from economic setbacks resulting from the events of September 11.

Worldspan is introducing relief initiatives aimed at helping the company`s travel suppliers recover from economic setbacks resulting from the events of September 11. The program features immediate and substantial cost relief for airlines and other suppliers and marketing initiatives designed to help all supplier groups generate business.
Included within Worldspan`s Supplier Relief and Recovery Program for suppliers in good standing with Worldspan: Worldspan will credit airlines for day-of-departure cancellations performed by travel agencies for all flights worldwide for the period of September 11 - 21. Further, in recognition that airlines may perform higher-than-normal schedule changes to rebuild their route systems as a result of September 11, Worldspan will provide a $0.16 credit on all bookings in the United States, Canada and Mexico for the period of October 1 - December 31, 2001. Hotel and car suppliers—companies which experienced an extraordinary number of no-shows during the week of September 11—will receive a 10 percent reduction in billable bookings for the entire month of September. Certain car or hotel suppliers whose adjustments are substantial will receive a check directly from Worldspan for their “relief” amount, designed to address the unusual volume of reservations which did not result in a hotel room stay or car rental. Worldspan`s tour and cruise line customers will benefit from a Worldspan relief program recently implemented to assist reservations and ticketing locations through adjustments to required productivity levels.
Worldspan will not charge shortfall fees caused by an anticipated drop in segment productivity for the months of September through December 2001. In addition, to stimulate business for its supplier customers, Worldspan is offering customized advertising programs via Worldspan`s many products that reach the travel agency and traveler communities. Available at no cost or at reduced rates through the end of the year, these packages provide marketing opportunities via Worldspan PrimeSine, Worldspan Accents, and Supplier News on the Worldspan Go! home page, as well as Internet advertising to travelers through My Trip and More. “The events of September 11 have exacted a heavy toll on the entire travel industry,” commented Jesse Liebman, senior vice president and general manager - Worldwide Travel Supplier Services for Worldspan. “These Worldspan programs were designed to support our customers` needs through this period of unprecedented challenge and provide a mechanism to increase business-the goal of all of our suppliers.
The initiatives announced today along with those already implemented will assist our travel partners—vendors and agencies—to recover from the financial impact of these terrible events and will provide a renewed impetus to strengthen our industry.”


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Worldspan provides global electronic distribution of travel information, Internet products and connectivity, and electronic commerce capabilities for travel agencies, travel service providers and corporations worldwide. The company`s three lines of business are travel supplier services, e-commerce, and global distribution systems for the worldwide travel industry. The Worldspan reservations system provides nearly 21,000 travel agencies and other users worldwide with travel data and booking capabilities for hundreds of the world`s leading travel supplier services. Worldspan is the market leader in e-commerce for the travel industry, processing more than 50 percent of all online travel bookings.