Continental Airlines to fly Williams farther

Talk radio personality Bruce Williams is
starting a two-week trek on commercial airline flights to get first-hand
impressions of flying in the U.S., which he will discuss on his nightly,
nationally-broadcast Bruce Williams Show.

The “Bruce Williams Keeps Flying Tour” begins in Tampa on Monday, Oct. 8,
with the first three days alone including more than 8,000 miles of travel to
nine cities on 10 flights.
To start, Williams will be flying on Continental Airlines (NYSE:
CAL) from Tampa to Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Newark, Boston, Cleveland,
Denver, Atlanta and Phoenix.  The first part of the trip on Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday will include live broadcasts (7-10 p.m. EDT, check local
stations) from Boston, Newark and Phoenix, respectively.
The itinerary for an additional 11 days of travel - including plans
for two round-trips to Europe next weekend - will be announced later.
Williams` goal is to fly farther in two weeks than the average person flies
in a lifetime, thereby demonstrating the viability and safety of airline

“People need to understand what`s really going on at the airports
and everything that is being done to beef up safety and security in the U.S.
airline system,” Williams said.  “I`m going to fly around until the seat of
my pants wears off, and then tell everyone about what my trip was like.
“I have no great desire to spend my life on airplanes, but I feel a
responsibility to do so.  I have been encouraging people on my program on a
nightly basis to return to flying, and that there is absolutely nothing to
fear.  Given this advice, it seems only fair that I take my own advice in a
strong dose.  I would never put my life in danger.  But I know that the most
dangerous part of my trip is going to be driving to and from airports.
“I am very hopeful that by setting an example, many, many more
people will put aside whatever concerns they may have and return, as
President Bush has asked, to a normal way of living, including vacations,
conventions, visiting relatives and so forth,” Williams concluded.

Williams has a strong vantage point for assessing aviation.  He is a
private pilot as well as a OnePass Platinum Elite frequent flyer. 
Sean Compton from Clear Channel Communications has generously agreed
to have a radio station available at the end of each day so that Williams
can continue to do his broadcasts without interruption.

The Bruce Williams Show airs nightly on the Talk America Radio
Network and reaches millions of listeners on approximately 200 radio
stations in the U.S., Canada, Guam and the Caribbean.