Business is Coming Back

SCS Solars Computing Systems Inc. (“SCS”) is pleased to report that travel agent usage of SolarNet is back to 95% of pre-September 11th levels.

According to Chris Karbabi Director of Operations at air consolidator, Middle East Tours, “We initially went crazy with cancellations and the re-routing of passengers following September 11th, within the last 3 week period our travel agency activity on SolarNet has gone from a low of 60% of normal back to 90% of normal.”

This is consistent with other travel industry indicators that show business is coming back. It`s coming back slowly, and it might be a while before it comes all the way back, but travel agents, tour operators and other suppliers agree that they`re on the rebound.

Another positive sign for travel agents came from comments made at the Travel Industry Assn.`s Travel Marketing Forum held in Atlanta. With revenues drying up, airlines may have to turn to travel agents to help them recover. David Swierenga, chief economist for the Air Transport Assn. stated during a presentation, “The airlines will be beating the bushes for new passengers. That is not something you can do solely through the Internet or other electronic means. Airlines probably won`t raise commissions but may enhance agent override agreements.”

Frank Wells (Vice Chairman) confirms, “We have a solid customer base. In the last 3 weeks we have lost one small SolarNet customer, this loss was due to the customer`s financial situation and was anticipated prior to September 11th.” “As far as new business is concerned, we are in negotiation with several travel industry IT companies interested in partnering with SCS to offer SolarNet`s GDS/CRS distribution capability to their own clients as an extension of their existing product offering. While the events of September 11th caused an interruption in everyone`s travel plans that resulted in the postponement of key meetings relating to these negotiations, the meetings have subsequently been rescheduled and we have not experienced any cancellations with regard to pending business relationships,” stated Wells.


SCS Solars Computing Systems Inc.:

SCS is a provider of information technology solutions for the travel industry. SCS`s core competency is the electronic distribution of applications and information throughout the travel industry supply chain via its proprietary network, SolarNet. SolarNet can take content from any source and distribute it via a powerful combination of the Internet and the established travel industry GDS/CRS networks—Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and WorldSpan that reach 95% of the world`s travel agents. To utilize SolarNet`s distribution capabilities, SCS has developed a proprietary suite of flexible and affordable technical solutions that address the automation and information management needs of the travel industry. SCS`s proprietary products include: SolarNet, LiveLinx, LiveLinx*PLUS, NewsWire and TourTek. SCS is a public company, trading on the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX) under the symbol “SCS”. For more information on SCS and its products we invite you to visit our web site at: