Hotel Reservations Network
, the leading provider of discount hotel accommodations worldwide, announced today it is offering special “Stars & Stripes” rates at a large selection of popular destinations across America.  Additionally, HRN clients will receive a special American flag pin.
The Company also noted it is continuing its efforts initiated on September 11, 2001 to support the Widows and Children’s Fund of the Uniformed Firefighters Association.  A portion of every hotel booking made through HRN will be donated to the Association.  These funds will go to the families of those firefighters that lost their lives during the rescue efforts.

“Our special “Stars & Stripes” rates should help stimulate additional local business in our sale cities.  Travelers not only will spend money on their hotel accommodations but will often spend money in local restaurants, theatre, attractions and more, which can help boost the local economy,” said Bob Diener, president of Hotel Reservations Network.


The “Stars & Stripes” special rates are available via the HRN Web site
or its toll-free call center at 1-800-96-HOTEL (1-800-964-6835).

Travelers booking accommodations through the end of the year can also receive the American flag pin by clicking the “Stars & Stripes” link on the HRN site. 



Hotel Reservations Network (Nasdaq: ROOM), a majority-owned subsidiary of USA Networks, Inc.‘s (Nasdaq: USAI) Interactive Group, is the leading provider of discount hotel accommodations worldwide, providing service through its own Web sites, more than 22,000 affiliated Web sites, and three toll-free call centers (1-800-96-HOTEL). HRN provides travelers with a one-stop shopping source for hotel pricing, amenities and availability. HRN also specializes in providing travelers with accommodations for sold-out periods.