Optims Yield Management System Take-Up.

Hotels seeking ways to optimize profits and revenues are turning to an advanced revenue management solution developed by Optims S.A.(Evry, France), which is marketed, installed and serviced in the United States and Canada by Lufthansa Systems North America.
The solution provides hotels with essential performance review, forecast and optimization modules that promote better customer marketing, improved bookings, optimum room rates, increased revenues and overall profitability. In today`s challenging hospitality market, the Optims revenue management solution is fast becoming a major resource to the industry.

Available in versions for individual hotels as well as those operating in a multiple property environment (i.e., hotel chains and groups), Optims` revenue management solution helps hotels increase revenue performance by 4% to 8%. The solution`s powerful review modules add data collected on a daily basis from a hotel`s front office system to its database to build a detailed analysis of the business. It serves hotels by identifying their customers` booking and purchasing behavior, facilitating strategic segmentation and target marketing to various customer classes and helping hotels better manage their services and amenities to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Optims` forecasting module establishes accurate forecasts based on historical and real-time data. It provides daily recommendations regarding open rates, closed rates and minimum lengths of stay for various customer classes. Further, it offers recommendations as to when to accept or decline bookings according to rate, length of stay, the time period, prices offered and/or the level of under or over booking. In the case of hotel chains or groups, this enables management to optimize all of their properties by projecting future demand, materialization and trends across the group. The optimization module assists independent hotels in establishing optimum room rates, as well as better managing lengths of stay and group requests. For groups, daily recommendations based on demand are provided in order to optimize revenue, maximize contributions and increase profits across multiple properties. A group deal quotation function recommends the best selling price to a group based on appropriate forecasts and demand.

The alliance between Optims and Lufthansa was launched in April, 2001.