AIRTV and Tenzing To Develop Broadband Inflight Services.

AIRTV and Tenzing Communications have created a strategic alliance for the delivery of high-speed e-mail, Internet content and TV programming to commercial airliners.
The agreement calls for cooperative offerings of e-mail and Internet, along with the joint development of broadband services as part of the in-flight entertainment and communications package offered to passengers. AIRTV and Tenzing also will explore joint opportunities for e-commerce aboard airliners.

AIRTV is developing its global communications system to provide real-time news, sports, business, commerce and safety information to the approximately 1 billion passengers who travel annually on medium and long-range airline routes. As the AIRTV system is tailored for mobile applications worldwide, users also could include ships at sea and other mobile customers. The AIRTV dedicated network of four high-capacity S-band satellites will provide interference-free, broadband coverage to aircraft flying all of the world`s main air routes. Each AIRTV satellite is to supply 40-plus channels of video/audio entertainment, as well as 40 Mbps of e-mail, Internet and data connectivity.

Initial in-flight demonstrations of AIRTV Internet and e-mail connections will begin later this year with Saudi Arabian Airlines, and service is to be introduced in phases. AIRTV`s satellite network will be operational in 2004. The AIRTV system is being developed by a team of strategic partners and investors that are world leaders in their fields: Alcatel Space, Arianespace, CMC Electronics and SITA.