Datawatch`s Monarch/ES Solves Major e-Business Challenges in Travel.

Datawatch Corporation, a leader in enterprise reporting, business intelligence and support center solutions, has announced that WorldTravel BTI has selected Monarch/ES for its report and air travel agent coupon storage, distribution and analysis needs.

WorldTravel BTI is one of the largest and most progressive travel management firms in the United States, employing approximately 5,500 people and producing airline tickets at over 1,400 locations. As a direct result of deploying Monarch/ES, WorldTravel BTI will end the need for expensive printing, storage and shipping of hardcopy agent coupons, while meeting all requirements set by the Airlines Report Corporation (ARC), the national clearinghouse for purchase and remittance of virtually all airline tickets sold by travel agencies. WorldTravel BTI will also use Monarch/ES to deliver critical business report information online to its divisional offices and branch agency locations.

Monarch/ES will allow WorldTravel BTI to electronically capture, store, and distribute agent coupon images and to analyze data for all of the tickets they issue. WorldTravel BTI issues tickets using all four of the major travel reservation and ticketing systems: Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan. These four reservation and ticketing systems account for virtually all airline tickets issued in the United States by travel agents. WorldTravel BTI end users, as well as ARC auditors, can access the Monarch/ES archive using a standard web browser. Monarch/ES contains extensive search functionality and allows viewing and/or printing of the archived coupons in the same format as if they had been printed hardcopy to a ticket printer. Additionally, the solution facilitates analysis of the data within the coupons for internal needs as well as auditing requirements set by ARC.

“Monarch/ES has quickly solved a very difficult documentation and analysis need in the travel agency industry,” said Lisa Fulle, vice president and controller of Central Accounting Services at WorldTravel BTI. “With Monarch/ES, we will have a searchable index of agent coupons, based on the actual coupon content, so our end users will be able to easily find and view an online rendering of any travel coupon as it would appear printed on paper ticket stock. Just as important, we`ll be able to easily manage online security so we can specify which coupons each of our branch locations or users are allowed to see. Monarch/ES will also allow our users to analyze the data within air travel coupons right in their browser, and download the data to Excel at anytime.

“Sending timely back office accounting reports to our remote locations has also been a challenge,” added Fulle. “Monarch/ES will allow us to better service our customers by providing our agents with a self-service means to quickly get the business information they need anytime, anywhere they have access to the Internet. We estimate the savings in administrative costs and time alone will pay for Monarch/ES within a few months.”


“Monarch/ES will provide travel agencies a huge cost advantage by ending the expensive administrative tasks associated with physically printing and distributing agent and audit versions of air travel coupons,” said Calvin Mackay, senior vice president of enterprise products at Datawatch. “At the same time Monarch/ES will quickly and cost effectively turn any travel agency`s existing IT investments into a powerful e-business solution by web-enabling reports and data. Travel agencies can now significantly enhance the value of the information coming out of their IT systems without an additional large investment in time or resources.”

Monarch/ES allows organizations to easily archive and deliver text-based reports, documents and business intelligence derived from existing reporting systems and databases through any standard browser with no new programming or report writing. Monarch/ES provides a unified point of entry and universal access for users to securely view, analyze and share current and historical report information over the Internet from any and all systems running in an organization. Average implementation time is less than two weeks.

WorldTravel BTI is one of the nation`s largest and most progressive travel management firms in the United States. With more than 5,500 employees, 1,400 locations across the country, and 53 affiliate agencies in the United States, the company supports more than $3.8 billion in annual sales for thousands of Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies. WorldTravel BTI provides cost saving, innovative travel management solutions tailored to their clients` local and global travel needs. WorldTravel BTI`s global services include traditional and online corporate travel services, group travel management, leisure and concierge services for corporate travelers, as well as consulting and corporate fulfillment services. Founded in 1987 and know for its vision, value and commitment to excellence, WorldTravel BTI has sustained a 49 percent compounded growth rate since its inception. WorldTravel BTI is a 46 percent stakeholder in Business Travel International (BTI), and is the managing partner for the Americas.

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