Orbitz Online Travel Updates Show Improvement In Air Traffic System

Orbitz.com has started a `travel watch flying forecast` information service, providing aviation updates on an airline-by-airline basis.
The airlines may be several days from resuming normal flight schedules, but the air-traffic system is showing marked improvement.
At 12:01 a.m. EDT, there were 1,250 flights aloft compared to 2,500 at the
same time on Saturday.  “This drop-off indicates fewer aircraft were being
repositioned and diverted passengers were getting to their destinations,” said
Rally Caparas, Orbitz Air-traffic Management Specialist.  Also, the number of
emergency assistance flights to New York and Washington were beginning to
More international carriers have received permission from the FAA to resume service to and from the United States including Aer Lingus, Austrian
Airlines, Air France, All Nippon, British Airways, Czech Airlines, Japan
Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa, SAS, Virgin Atlantic and Olympic Airways.
“The frequency of emergency recovery assistance flights to New York and Washington also are beginning to lessen,” Caparas said, “proving that the
massive airlift of emergency supplies and personnel over the last few days has
been successful.”

    Piecing together the
flight schedules involves very strategic and detailed game plans and is
enormously complicated, so passengers
must still expect considerable delays and cancellations. 
More optimistically, the weather throughout the country is not expected to
interfere with air traffic.


American:  Expects to operate approximately 65 percent of its normal
schedule on Sunday.

American Eagle:  Expect to operate 80 percent of its scheduled flights on

Continental:  Expects to operate approximately 55 percent of its schedule
Sunday, including flights to Mexico.

Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Comair and SkyWest expect to
fly more than 75 percent of their schedules.

TWA:  Expects to operate at least 90 percent of its normal schedule, and
TW Express expects to operate a full schedule.

United:  Plans to operated 500 domestic flights Sunday, increasing to approximately 1,000 flights Monday and Tuesday; 1,500 flights each day starting Wednesday; and increasing ultimately to approximately 1,900
flights a day.

US Airways:  Resumed 50 percent of normal scheduled service on Saturday,
including operations to/from most European and Caribbean destinations.

For more information on carriers, go to orbitz.com Travel Watch and click on Airline Profiles. Information here is updated regularly.


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