iJET Gives Security Advice .

iJET Travel Intelligence, the travel industry`s only private intelligence organization, is offering Worldcue Pro and Worldcue Traveler vouchers directly to travel agents via the TravelBUYARC Web site.

Through its Worldcue services, iJET delivers up-to-the-minute destination reports and real-time alerts before, during and after travel. iJET`s continuously updated intelligence covers security, health, transportation, entry/exit, communications and five additional categories for more than 150 countries and select cities around the globe.

TravelBUYARC is managed by the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), the settlement company for travel agent payments for sales of airfare and miscellaneous travel related purchases. TravelBUYARC is a growing program that allows agents to sell and collect commissions up-front on the products and services offered by the vendors who participate in the program.

iJET Travel Intelligence, a privately held company based in Annapolis, MD, is the first and only private sector intelligence organization focused on delivering real-time alerts for the travel industry. Specialists from the fields of intelligence, travel, health and media staff an around-the-clock operations center where they continuously monitor over 5000 global data sources for issues of concern to international travelers. iJET creates personalized, destination-specific intelligence for travelers based on their specific itineraries and distributes alerts by e-mail before, during and following the trip.