e-Travel White Paper Examines Web Fares

e-Travel have recently published a white paper - “The Internet and Managed Corporate Travel: Are `Web` Fares Worth It?” å- which examines the potentially damaging impact of Web fares on business travel.

The document says that recent attention to Web fares has led corporate travelers to perceive those fares found on consumer travel Web sites as being consistently lower than those fares negotiated by corporations through a managed travel program. This is not always the case, and corporations should be cautious when considering a travel program that integrates Web fares.

Further investigation shows that Web fares are not consistently cheaper, and employees are not necessarily finding the lowest fare available. Research, including a study by Topaz International, an airline audit firm, indicates that restrictions on Web fares are inconvenient and often unusable by traveling employees.

Many overlook how such fares negatively impact the effectiveness of a managed travel program, including the areas of risk management, data management and loss in commissions and rebates.

A free copy of this white paper is available from the e-travel Web site.