GTT Travel contract gives SolarNet domestic airfare content

Solar Computing Systems, a leading provider of information management and electronic distribution solutions for the travel industry,  has announced another contract for the LiveLinx/SolarNet fare distribution.
GTT Travel offers both international and domestic net fares that will now
be available to travel agents throughout the United States via LiveLinx and
the SolarNet interface to the major GDS/CRS (Global Distribution
System/Computerized Reservation System) networks.
Bob Wilson Director of
Account Development at SCS says, “The addition of GTT Travel increases our
domestic fare content to US travel agents. Now with both international and
domestic US fares available on-line, SolarNet truly becomes a single source
for US travel agents looking for access to alternative and innovative airfare
pricing opportunities. In today`s marketplace, with the additional airline
commission cuts recently announced, US travel agents are looking to gain
access to net fares which enable them to apply their own margin of profit.
Again, SCS provides a productivity and profitability solution that benefits
both vendor and travel agent”.


Based in Dallas, Texas, GTT Travel has been in business since 1984 and is recognized as one of the top airfare ticket consolidators in the US
specializing in low net airfares to both US and international destinations.
GTT Travel markets exclusively to travel agents providing a wide range of
pricing options that can significantly improve an agent`s bottom line. Mark
Nelson Marketing Director at GTT Travel said, “We have monitored the growth in
SolarNet usage by travel agents and now look forward to participating in the
SolarNet program. We not only expect to reduce our costs associated with
handling telephone inquiries, but expect to gain market share by making our
product offering available to travel agents across the United States”.

SCS Solars Computing Systems Inc.:

SCS is a provider of information technology solutions for the travel
industry. SCS`s main competency is the electronic distribution of applications
and information throughout the travel industry supply chain via its
proprietary network, SolarNet. SolarNet can take content from any source and
distribute it via a powerful combination of the Internet and the established
travel industry GDS/CRS networks - Sabre, Galileo, Amadeus and WorldSpan that
reach 95% of the world`s travel agents. To utilize SolarNet`s distribution
capabilities, SCS has developed a proprietary suite of flexible and affordable
technical solutions that address the automation and information management
needs of the travel industry. SCS`s proprietary products include: SolarNet,
LiveLinx, LiveLinx(x)PLUS, NewsWire and TourTek. SCS Solars is a public
company, trading on the Canadian Venture Exchange (CDNX) under the symbol
For more information on SCS and its products we invite you to visit our
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