Airlines Worldwide To Heighten Security Measures. Changes In E-Ticket Procedures

The attacks on New York and Washington D.C. by hijacked planes on Tuesday has caused several changes to security measures, including the use of e-tickets. U.S. airspace has been reopened on a VERY LIMITED basis.

Additional security measures have now been put into effect in the U.S. which are likely to cause severe delays to travellers. Southwest Airlines for example, announced that “As part of the heightened security, only ticketed passengers will be allowed in the concourse. All Southwest Airlines Customers will need one of the following: a printed Southwest Airlines Ticketless confirmation letter, a printout of their confirmation if booked through Southwest`s web site,, or their paper ticket. If a confirmed Southwest Airlines passenger is not in possession of one of these documents, they may request a faxed copy of their confirmation by calling Southwest Airlines Reservations at 800-IFLYSWA (800-435-9792), print out their Ticketless confirmation page on, or request a printed confirmation at the Southwest ticket counter.”

It is expected that similar arrangements will apply to other carriers. The FAA has suspended curbside check-in at all airports. Customers will need to go inside the airport to check their bags at the ticket counter.

As tourists stay away from the affected area, the attacks are expected to severely hit future bookings to the US. First Choice and Airtours are among firms reviewing their holidays to US resorts. Tourism industries in countries outside the US are also expected to feel the effect as American tourists cut back on their international holidays.

Security has also been stepped up at other airports around the world.
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