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The U.S. National Park Service`s (NPS) National Register of Historic Places has unveiled its newest online travel itinerary, Indian Mounds of Mississippi, featuring 11 historic American Indian mounds throughout the state of Mississippi.

The travel itinerary highlights publicly-owned, visitor-accessible American Indian Mound sites of Mississippi, providing a compact source of information on these impressive landmarks of the ancient past. “These mounds stand as a testament to the vitality and creativity of their makers, who developed complex societies in the southeastern United States,” said NPS Director Fran Mainella. “The American Indian Mounds provide us with the opportunity to learn from and experience the wonder of these dramatic memorials to the ancient past and the rich legacy of American Indian cultural achievement.”
For each of the 11 featured historic mounds, the itinerary includes a written description of the site`s significance, including color photographs, directions and public accessibility information. At the bottom of each page a navigation bar links to three essays that explain more about the history of the mound builders, how the mounds were built, and current preservation efforts regarding these historic treasures. These essays also provide historical and archeological background material for the sites included in the itinerary. In the Learn More section, the itineraries link to regional and local web sites that provide visitors with further historical information relating to the Indian Mounds of Mississippi. .
The itinerary can be viewed online. The online Mississippi map presents a statewide overview of the location of the mounds. The travel itinerary is derived from a brochure prepared by the NPS` Southeast Archeological Center in conjunction with the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The mounds listed in the travel itinerary are protected under the jurisdiction of state or federal agencies committed by law to their preservation. Additional information for the itinerary came from the NPS` Ancient Architects of the Mississippi website

The Southeast Archeological Center and Historic Preservation Division of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History are the 11th set of more than 30 organizations working directly with the NPS` National Register of Historic Places to create travel itineraries.
National Register Travel Itineraries for such destinations as Hardin County, Iowa, and Lexington, Kentucky, will debut this year, with many more to follow. The National Register of Historic Places is the nation`s official list of districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects significant in American history, architecture, archeology, engineering and culture. A listing in the National Register provides recognition that a property is significant to the heritage of the nation, the state or the community.