Thistle Hotels Doubles Online Revenue After Organic Site Redesign

Organic, Inc., a leading international Internet professional services firm, and Thistle Hotels, one of the United Kingdom`s premier four-star hotel companies, announced today that the hotel`s website has doubled its online revenue following Organic`s recent redesign of the company`s website. (9/10/2001)

Since the redesign took place 4 weeks ago, the profits from line channel increased by 201% (up 458% from the same period in 2000). The online redevelopment project began in April. Organic concentrated on redeveloping key revenue-driving pages, including the home page, individual hotel pages, and the booking pages. Additional improvements also included photograph and image enhancement, revised marketing text, prominent privacy and security policies, and the application of new layouts and designs.

“We are, of course, delighted with the results because the numbers speak for themselves,” said Euan Mitchell, Director of Distribution for Thistle Hotels. “The Internet is a primary channel of growth for us and this is our first step in a series of a significant improvements for Thistle Hotels online in the coming months.”

John Baker, Managing Director for Organic`s United Kingdom office stated “Thistle is an excellent example of our Business Performance Acceleration strategy at work.

“By analyzing existing site performance and focusing on areas which we know will make the biggest difference for our clients, we are able to turn around online business performance. The Thistle Hotels project will pay for itself in the same time it took to rebuild - seven weeks.”

The increase in online revenues, which surpassed all expectations, was primarily attributable to a much-improved look-to-book ratio on the site, which increased by 72%.


Thistle Hotels the largest hotel group in London with 22 hotels in prime locations throughout the Capital and has hotels in key regional cities of England, Scotland and Wales. There are 56 hotels in the group with a total of 10,723 bedrooms. In London, Thistle has 6,014 rooms in 22 hotels. Other areas which Thistle has hotels in are Aberdeen, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle among other regional centers as well as hotels at airports in Aberdeen, East Midlands, Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Manchester.

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