Online Weather Alert Sevice

MyWeather has made public an e-mail and web-based severe weather alert service that will offer a critical National Weather alert service to subscribers of the company`s Personal Microcast service. 
MyWeather`s television partners can now warn viewers of threatning weather conditions over the Internet. In other words, both on air and on-line alerts are now possible. This means that without doubt, their meteorologists have a competitive edge over any other forecast services.
MyWeather President, Matt Peterson, says “We are always finding new ways to help expand our clients` brands on the Internet, and into the digital world”.

With this new feature, subscribers can not only choose which severe weather conditions they would like to be alerted to, but also the specific country they need to know about.
When the National Weather Service issues a severe weather statement that meets the user`s specifications, Personal Microsoft will send an alert to both the user`s forecast page and their email address. The personal forecast page will also display an interactive DMA-level map that will provide county shading and an alert list that will show at a glance where and what kind of severe weather is threatning their location.
To find out more, Personal Microcast will be on display at the 2001 Radio-Television News Directors Association Convention in Nashvile, September 12 - 15.