Internet Gambling`s Popularity Is Growing to New Heights

Online gambling, already a multi-billiondollar industry, reached a new height of popularity when players from aroundthe globe began logging on for a chance to win the largest online progressivejackpot ($372,000) in the Internet`s short history. 
A spokesman for (, home to thismega-jackpot, is thrilled at his customers` response to the big payoutmachine.  “Our players have never been more excited about the game before now.We have had big players and big winners in our casino before, but lately Ithink that we are getting more off-line slot players logging on for the shotat the bigger online jackpots.  Our online machines are definitely provingthat they can stand up (in popularity) to the off-line machines in Las Vegas.” 
The slot machine that is bringing traditional casino players online iscalled “Rags to Riches” and is billed by as “Your Best Bet ina $1.00 Slot”.  According to the company, Rags to Riches has become thestandard for online high stakes slot players.  The machine maintains thestatus of a mega-jackpot payer by guaranteeing winners a minimum progressiveprize of $100,000. is one of the most popular casinos on the internet and notonly offers the Rags to Riches machine, but two other online progressives eachwith jackpots into thousands of dollars. 
Part of the draw on a progressive jackpot is that once it reaches acertain value, it is statistically due to pay out.  If you perform astatistical standards test on Rags to Riches today, you will find that thepayout was due some time ago.  That means that mathematically, if a playercould seize the jackpot and only play it themselves, their eventual jackpotreward would be far greater than their expense to win it.  This boils down tothe jackpot being there for the taking either for a veteran online player orfor a newly converted off-line player.