Message Boards Online From TRAVELfusion

TRAVELfusion has launched TRAVELmeet, the first location-based travel message board.
TRAVELmeet includes a whole variety of travel-related discussion topics, such as carpooling (“TRAVELrider”), journey suggestions (“TRAVELadviser”), finding a travel companion (“TRAVELpartner”), city guides (“TRAVELentertainer”, “TRAVELsleeper”), advice on airports and stations (“TRAVELboarder”) and even a joke of the day (“TRAVELwit”).
TRAVELmeet exploits TRAVELfusion`s patent pending location-based journey planning system, which recognises names of places within messages according to their geographical location. For example, a user looking for a lift from London to Bristol could be matched with a car and driver going from London to Bath. The power of intelligent location-based discussion topics is best illustrated by the following TRAVELmeet services: TRAVELrider for people who want to share a lift. It allows commuters to request or offer seats for journeys by a car.
TRAVELadviser for people who wish to pass on their expert knowledge of how best to make a particular journey. It is ideal for passing on local knowledge about driving directions (e.g. avoiding the M6 at Birmingham when travelling north) or for advising on alternative modes of transport (e.g. coach services from London to Prague).
TRAVELpartner a matchmaking forum for travellers wishing to make a date to meet on their travels. Moshe Rafiah, chief executive officer TRAVELfusion, commented: “this is an exciting development which offers a complete message board service for travellers. It allows them to share their tips on trip planning, offer/request lift sharing, and, something many travellers are looking for, a place to find a travel companion. The location-based design means that we can easily integrate our users views, tips and suggestion with the results from the searches of our travel partners.” Founded in 2000, TRAVELfusion is a UK based wireless and internet technology company, specialising in real-time mobile location-based navigation solutions.
TRAVELfusion`s patent-pending Comparison Navigator (CN) is the world`s first technology and Application Service Provider (ASP) platform to offer global wireless multi-modal navigation solutions. TRAVELfusion provides the technology infrastructure to power mobility solutions for the wireless and online worlds. It covers all stages of a journey: location-aware planning, route optimisation, multi-modal planning, real-time directions, timetables, fares and booking.