Government Travel Costs Cut With Online Solution

SatoTravel, a Navigant International Company, is to partner with Gelco Information Network, the largest and most experienced provider of e-business expense management and reimbursement programs, to develop a low-cost automated end-to-end travel management solution.
The alliance leverages the power of Gelco Travel Manager, the e-business application that is the gold standard for federal travel management and is used by more than 120 federal agencies and sites, with SatoTravel`s unique 50 years of experience as a government travel services provider. The partnership is further enhanced by common relationships with premiere organisations such as Oracle, FedTrip and Sabre.
SatoTravel and Gelco will mutually develop and market a low-cost end-to-end travel solution that will combine the benefits of SatoTravel`s fully integrated customer service, support and travel reservations with Gelco Travel Manager. The alliance will benefit government customers by substantially reducing the overall cost of services that are paid for separately today.
Data will be electronically exchanged between the Gelco and SatoTravel systems, eliminating re-keying of data/reservation information in multiple systems. Ultimately, the solution will enable federal agencies to better manage their travel budgets, boost policy compliance and provide one source for all travel data.
Both SatoTravel and Gelco field award-winning solutions that, combined, fulfill the full spectrum of government business travel management requirements.
The alliance is a marketing agreement that will benefit federal agencies by merging the advantages of an agency or online booking tool with the power of capturing all booked data within Gelco Travel Manager for review, verification and audit. This ensures the most complete, compliant, and cost-effective system of its kind in the marketplace.