Online Travel for the Film Industry, the film and television industry`s home page, has partnered with Faredata Online Travel to bring travel services to its members.
Faredata Online Travel is part of the Bullrush Travel Network whose corporate offices are in North Hollywood. John Culton, chairman of, announced the venture. “In addition to bringing an online travel capability to our members, we will specialize in Film Production Travel Packages, where production companies, studios, and networks can bid their travel requirements,” he said. is a portal for the film and television industries and maintains the most comprehensive worldwide business database on the Web for companies, individuals, and services connected to film and television production.
“The new travel venture can be found at,” said Martin Collins, president of Faredata Online Travel. “We have had extensive experience with business travel for the entertainment industry, but our partnership with FilmStew gives us an excellent way to increase our exposure with production companies,” Collins added.
The Bullrush Travel Network has been providing travel solutions for 18 years and online travel for the past four years under its Faredata brand. The company cut its teeth in the competitive world of corporate travel and has arranged travel for some of the biggest personalities and companies in the entertainment industry.
In addition to travel, offers an array of industry related services, from traditional portal services such as e-mail bulletin boards and classified listings, to specialized Web-enabled software that provides industry-specific functionality.