UK-Wide Online Transport Info System Planned

In the future you could be making your travel plans by using a combination of the Internet, mobile or WAP phone, digital TV or road side kiosks, British Transport Minister David Jamieson told the Transport Direct Forum, meeting in London yesterday morning.
Transport Direct, an ambitious vision of travel information and retailing in the future, aims to provide the traveller with all the information they need before and during a journey anywhere in the UK and with the ability to buy the associated tickets. The Forum brought together a wide range of representatives from local authorities, transport operators, telecommunication and technology providers in a series of workshops to explore the introduction of a truly integrated and unique travel information service.
By 2003 Transport Direct is expected to include real time train operating information, actual rather than timetabled; real time information of local bus services; travel information on the interest, covering road journeys as well as al public transport modes at a single point of contact; booking of long distance multi-modal journeys on the Internet; development of Internet-based maps highlighting public transport options on a local and regional basis.
The Transport Direct programme was announced in the Government`s 10-year transport plan and features in the manifesto.