RoomsNet Private Label Internet Booking Engine In Just 7 Days

SasiaNet International is proud to announce the delivery of customized Private Label Booking Engines to Reservation Agents and Accommodation Suppliers within 7 days of signing up for their state-of-the-art Internet booking engine - RoomsNet (
Because of its flexibility, the RoomsNet Booking Engine can be customized to suit any type of lodging inventory, reservation practices and rate structures. The RoomsNet Booking Engine is presently being used in many types of accommodations, which includes Hotels, Apartments, Bed & Breakfasts, Bungalows, Campgrounds, Caravan Parks, Hostels, Resorts, Recreation Vehicle Parks, Vacation Rentals, Villas and University Residences.
RoomsNet is provided as a service and as such, requires no investment for additional hardware, software or expensive maintenance contracts. Customizations are done free of charge and no set up fee is applicable. Connection via the Internet is all that is required for Reservation Agents and Accommodation Suppliers to work with RoomsNet’s extensive capabilities.