ebookers Outsourcing and Expansion In India

ebookers.com is to outsource non-core back and middle office functions to India.
This should produce significant cost savings as ebookers moves towards its cash flow breakeven target of Q4 2001 or Q1 2002 and will also form part of ebookers` ongoing strategy of lowering the fundamental cost structure of its business. The changes should ensure that, in the mid to long-term beyond breakeven, its future net profit margins provide a sound basis for price earnings based valuation.
ebookers has signed an agreement with a call centre service company in Bangalore, India and from mid-July, a dedicated call centre will handle both peak-time and overnight service calls and emails.
The initial customer service headcount will be 50, and will be adjusted according to future requirements. These are additions to overall headcount and will cater for growth because ebookers` capacity to handle customer enquiries in Europe, in particular at its core call centres in London, Dublin and Paris, is stretched due to growing demand.
The company has established its own infrastructure in Delhi to manage non-core back and middle office functions including web-chat, service emails, accounting and data entry.
ebookers has signed an agreement with a technology company based in Pune, to carry out software development tasks. India was chosen as the most suitable location due to its highly skilled technology workforce, and its competitive cost structures.