Small Businesses Benefit from Sabre Solution

Cain Travel in Boulder, Colorado has successfully deployed Sabre`s GetThere DirectMidMarket to deliver Web-based corporate travel services to several small and mid-sized businesses.
Through online technology, companies can gain control over their travel programme, while giving employees the power of self-booking.
The result is efficiency and information that can help companies reduce travel costs. As part of its complete agency relationship with a company, Cain Travel creates a private, customised site for the company`s employees to book travel. The site is branded with the company`s travel policy and logo, and Cain Travel`s logo. GetThere`s DirectMidMarket allows Cain to run a master site, or portal, that contains multiple sub-sites for its business customers. The customers gain access to sophisticated capabilities that have previously been available only to large corporations, such as the ability to enter travel policy and negotiated rates, and data reporting to analyse spending.
AirCell, Inc. is one company that is taking advantage of online travel as part of its overall programme with Cain. AirCell, which spends more than $500,000 a year in travel, launched the online system in January, and within weeks, 80% of its travel was being booked online. Cain charges companies $20 dollars less for an online booking than phone booking.