Best Western, the World`s Largest Hotel Chain, Selects Fourelle to Boost Performance of Their VSAT N

Fourelle Systems Inc. Monday announced that Best Western International, the world`s largest hotel chain, has selected Venturi, Fourelle`s dynamic content acceleration solution, to boost the performance of its VSAT network.
The Best Western VSAT network was implemented to enable property owners in even the most remote areas of the continent to have access to an increasing number of online services provided by Best Western. To ensure the real-time delivery of Internet applications across its satellite extranet, Best Western installed Venturi server and client software.
Venturi speeds IP-based applications over all WANs, including satellite, frame relay, wireless, dial-up, cable, and DSL, and integrates easily into RAS and VPN environments.
The software maximizes the use and efficiency of Best Western`s current network links, thereby eliminating the need to add capacity by purchasing additional access. With Venturi, Best Western enjoys faster downloads, increased user satisfaction, lower operating and infrastructure costs and increased network reliability.
“In a service-oriented market such as the hospitality industry, reliability, speed and performance are key issues,” said Patrick Glenn, chief executive officer of Fourelle.
“We are pleased that our Venturi solution continues to play a critical role in enabling Best Western, one of the most recognized and respected hotel chains, to provide its extensive customer base the most powerful tools to ensure their continued success in today`s highly competitive business environment.”
“Before Venturi, our connection speeds over straight VSAT were slow enough to create timing issues with some of our internal Internet applications, in particular, our online purchasing service,” said Faron Spratford, communications systems analyst for Best Western.
“With the Venturi software in place, our speed has been enhanced by 60 to 80 percent allowing us to provide faster and more efficient service to our customers.”