NWA E-Ticket Changes

Travellers flying on Northwest Airlines will be able to make last-minute changes to their itineraries either online or at kiosks available in over 40 airports.
Mary Beth Schubert, spokesperson for Northwest, said the new self-service options are available to customers holding electronic tickets for a U.S. domestic flight that allow for a change within 24 hours of takeoff. Schubert said the key is that the passenger`s ticket allows a change within 24 hours of the flight time. She said the online option is not restricted to full fare tickets, and is available with some restricted and advance-purchase tickets, although some fare rules might require payment of an administrative fee.
Northwest has U.S. hubs in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Detroit and Memphis. The airline has installed what it calls “E-Service Center” kiosks in its hub cities, as well as other major stops like Seattle, Wash., and Green Bay, Wis.
At these airport kiosks, as well as the company`s Web site, passengers can review flight options, make changes and obtain a boarding pass.