Multimap for Thistle Hotels

UK-based Thistle Hotels has selected to provide all of the location-based services on its website.
The Thistle Hotels partnership incorporates three of`s key business services and is a major new contract win. Visitors to the Thistles Hotels website can now use the `Hotel Finder` service to access a street-level map of any of the 56 Thistle hotels in Great Britain.
Different scale maps can be viewed via the `Interactive Map` icon, as can aerial photographs of Thistle hotels in major cities, offering a bird`s eye view of the immediate locality.
Thistle Hotels has also implemented`s `Route Finder` service which enables visitors to access step by step driving directions to a Thistle hotel from an address of their choice and vice versa. Users can choose the quickest or shortest route and are given an indication of the distance and the duration of the journey according to the time of day. Each step of the journey is accompanied by a detailed map.