Business Travel Planning Speeds Up

Business travellers are using i-tinerary Travel Solutions (iTS) to remove the tedious process of travel booking with a suite of automated traveller-friendly tools that streamline the planning, booking and management processes, accessible through the company`s newly enhanced site.
People have distinct travel preferences. Business traveller A favors Delta, likes an aisle seat and prefers Marriott hotels, while Business traveller B is a fan of Continental, likes the view from a window seat and stays at the Hyatt. i-tinerary`s Intelligent User Profile, utilises the business traveller`s personal preferences and travel patterns, and overlays their corporate travel policies to suggest optimal itinerary solutions through iTS` mTravel Assistant, which gets smarter each time the traveller makes a reservation.
These features empower the business traveller or an assistant to automate travel planning through integrated calendar applications such as Microsoft`s Outlook. The traveler enters appointments in his/her calendar, and with a single click, i-tinerary`s solution intelligently suggests and books the best travel itinerary.
i-tinerary`s One-Click Travel Itinerary - Takes User 3-5 minutes to complete a one page air, car and hotel itinerary. Other Major on-line Booking Systems - Takes User 12-15 minutes to select travel itineraries for air, car and hotel.
i-tinerary`s proactive fight monitoring & notification solution - NotiFlyer - sends travellers Real Time flight status, delays, cancellations and gate information throughout their entire trip. Trip Repair will instantly provide the best alternative travel options if a flight is delayed or cancelled - and all through a Cell Phone, Pager, PDA or PC. These fully integrated solutions allow travellers to automatically receive pertinent, real-time updates.
Do you need to depart from New York City to be in Boston every Thursday by 10:00am? i-tinerary`s Trip Templates feature allows preferred itineraries for recurring trips to be created by the user and stored for future use. A template can be filled out once, personally titled (i.e. Boston Thursdays), and regularly traveled routes are booked with one click.
Travel Banking - This feature saves companies real dollars by automating the reclamation of unused airline tickets. Travel Banking analyses all issued tickets to recover unused segments. Refundable tickets are credited and reusable tickets are banked and can be automatically applied to future travel.
Expense Automation - This is easily accomplished for companies as the i-tinerary solution will provide an interface with the leading automated global expense management systems including Concur, Captura, Necho, Extensity, Expensable, and InterPro.
Dynamic User Interface - Information flow and display are dynamically modified to provide customers with instant access to the most relevant information, based on device, time and situation. This evolution delivers appropriate amounts of information, and eliminates the tedious practice of drilling through multiple layers of menus to access the information you want.