Sabre(R) TransVision(TM) to Help Airlines Optimize Flight Services; Tool Provides In-Depth Data for

Sabre Holdings Corporation, the leading provider of technology, distribution and marketing services for the travel industry, today announced the release of Sabre(R) TransVision(TM), a marketing information data tape (MIDT) analysis system specifically aimed at assisting airlines with route planning, scheduling and yield analysis.
“This tool ultimately helps airlines plan more efficiently to maximize their profitability,” said Steve Clampett, senior vice president, Airline Products and Services for Sabre. “Sabre TransVision provides the type of in- depth travel analysis that can assist airlines in making business decisions regarding scheduling and network planning.”
The Sabre TransVision system is an affordable and easy-to-use data mining system that provides airlines with detailed analysis of origin and destination (O&D) data. Users can quickly find details such as passenger travel patterns, flight segments, feeder and onward traffic flows, and yield and cabin class distribution. By utilizing the in-depth travel analysis, airline planning and scheduling departments can modify and adapt flight schedules to better fit traffic flow patterns. Additionally, the system identifies the most popular routes and transit points, allowing airlines to target the best possible departure and/or arrival times and maximize passenger loads, with the potential to increase their revenue and market share.
Sabre TransVision offers an Internet-based interface to view and analyze the data in a variety of ways, including time of day, day of week, or day of month. As Sabre TransVision does not require special software, the data can be easily accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world. The data is maintained and updated every month by Sabre.
“As airlines continue to grow and their flight networks expand, the need for a clear understanding of passenger travel patterns is essential,” said Clampett.
Sabre also offers small to medium-sized airlines - those averaging less than 10 million passengers boarded per year - Sabre(R) LiteVision(TM) an MIDT analysis system released in August 2000 that provides O & D data in report form.