Stayxs Inc. Launches Special Offers Module (SOM);

Online System for Hotels to offers special deals and packages to increase revenue opportunities.
Stayxs Inc, announced the launch of its new Special Offers Module (SOM). Special Offers Module is a free service to participating hotels, offering online special deals and packages and the opportunity to increase their revenues by selling more room inventory and other travel related services.
Special Offers Module (SOM) acts as a distribution platform for hotels, allowing them to offer special deals, off season discounts and other all-inclusive packages. Hotels have full control to “add” room inventory when they need to sell more rooms and to ``withdraw`` room inventory at any time. The Special Offers Module (SOM) makes it possible for hotels to manage and distribute their excess room inventory, request rate changes and enter room category descriptions in one convenient and secure location.
Hotels interested in becoming a member in the Special Offers Module (SOM) program simply need to visit the website and complete the online registration form. Stayxs Inc. will limit the number of hotel memberships in each city for Special Offers Module (SOM) to allow for increased revenue opportunities.
``We are very excited about the launch of Special Offers Module (SOM),`` said P Syal, Director of Stayxs Inc. ``This new distribution program will enable our hotel partners to acquire new customers and to take advantage of exposure they will receive on our distribution partner websites, which will undoubtedly result in higher yields for member hotels.``
Additional benefits of becoming a Special Offers Module (SOM) member include:
Secure, online bookings through our Stayxs hotel booking engine. Exposure on over 80 affiliate websites worldwide. Listing on affiliate websites including and with priority placement on search results pages with a preferred hotel status. Feature Special offer listing on the Booking Engine. Online brochure featuring photos and detailed property information Email confirmations sent on every booking.