Lonely Planet Palm Plug-In

CitySync, Lonely Planet`s digital city guide series for Palm handhelds, has just released CitySync What`s On, a new events based plug-in allowing users access to hundreds of local events in 20 major cities worldwide.
With CitySync What`s On you can search and sort on events in more than a dozen categories, from museums, galleries and music to film, sports & outdoors, kids, food & drink and many more. Detailed reviews tell you where to go, when to go, and what you can expect.
In addition to in-depth reviews and full venue details, each CitySync What`s On edition features Lonely Planet travel news, a City Beat section with original articles and interviews, a Talk Back area with tips and advice from fellow travelers, plus a special section on travel astrology.
All CitySync cities - currently numbering 20 - have their own custom CitySync What`s On plug-in. Each edition is fully updated approximately every eight weeks, so you always have access to the latest local listings. CitySync What`s On is absolutely free to all CitySync and PalmPak Travel Card owners who subscribe online with subscribers receiving an email notification as updated editions are released.
CitySync was chosen by Palm Inc. as the featured travel guide for its PalmPak Travel Cards. Distributed by Palm for the new m500 series of handheld computers, the PalmPak Travel Cards offer 18 CitySync city guides across three products: European Cities, U.S. Cities and Asia-Pacific Cities. The PalmPak version of CitySync was specifically designed for the new Palm expansion-card slot, so only minimal amount of the handheld`s memory is required to operate the guide.