Datalex Engine for Saga

Saga, which specialises in travel and services for people aged 50 and over, has re-launched its site and deployed the Datalex Internet booking platform.
The re-launch includes the introduction of, a joint venture between the Saga Group and British Airways, offering a complete travel bookings service.
Datalex CEO Neil Wilson said, “Customers over 50 are enjoying more active retirements and are taking advantage of the special deals that are available to them. The technology provided for Saga gives their members the freedom to make travel arrangements from the comfort of their own homes. We believe Saga is prime in servicing this important section of the travelling public.”
A user-friendly interface enables Saga customers to build their own itineraries from available flights which are priced and booked online via the Datalex BookIt! Consumer Internet booking engine.
An email is returned with confirmation and details of fulfillment. On behalf of its `50-plus` customers, Saga has negotiated special fare deals with the major airline carriers, and through the Datalex BookIt! Fares product, these contracts can be stored, searched and booked with online ease.
In 1998 Saga first implemented BookIt! Fares, for its retail call centre, providing powerful search and enquiry capabilities for negotiated fare contracts.
Future enhancements to the Web site and call centre are currently being implemented to provide greater flexibility and a wider range of options for Saga customers.