Better Connections For Newtrade Through Pegasus

Newtrade Technologies has entered into an agreement with Pegasus Solutions to connect its customers to more than 40,000 hotels world-wide.
Newtrade offers end- to-end automation and e-channel management solutions to the travel industry.
Under the terms of the agreement, Newtrade`s clients, including online travel agents, convention and visitor bureaus, destination management organisations and other distributors selling hotels will now have the ability to connect directly to the CRS` of Pegasus` hotel customers, which include more than 150 hotel brands. “Our customers will benefit from a larger selection of hotels worldwide, increasing their competitiveness and playing field, and the 40,000 hotels connected to Pegasus` Electronic Distribution System will have the opportunity to be sold on Newtrade`s contracted distribution channels,” stated Barry Gleason, Vice- President, Sales and Marketing, Newtrade Technologies Inc.