Centerpost Messaging for Travelocity

Travelocity has partnered with Centerpost Corporation to provide to its 27 million members an introductory service allowing for proactive travel alerts, when and where members need them most, via a wide range of wired and wireless devices.
Travelocity introduced its innovative flight paging technology in 1997, an industry first. By utilizing Centerpost`s industry-leading SmartDelivery electronic messaging service, will deliver a variety of travel advisories and messages to its members using any communications device those members designate—mobile phone, e-mail, pager, or PDA. The new service, which will be launched later this summer, will enable members to control how they receive information into the devices of their choice. members will have the unique ability to register only once to receive travel alerts on all of their future itineraries. Members will be able to manage their messaging for all of their communications devices and customize the types of messages they want to receive, such as flight delay notifications, schedule changes, cancellations, weather and other pertinent travel information. Using the service, a member can choose to have a flight delay notification delivered to his or her pager, a mobile phone, a spouse`s mobile phone and an assistant`s email box so that the traveler, spouse, and assistant are all informed of the flight`s status.