Hungary - The Land Of Spas

Known as the Land of Spas, Hungary`s famed thermal and mineral waters offer unparalleled therapeutic benefits. Pretty countryside, hot summers and great value for money means Hungary is also an ideal destination for family holidays. Here is Spas-Weekly guide to the best spas in Hungary…
Hungary’s medicinal waters have been attracting spa-goers for almost 2,000 years, when the Romans built the first baths there. Since then, Hungarians have taken their spa treatments seriously, viewing them as a health necessity rather than a luxury.
Correspondingly, many spas have a distinctly clinical atmosphere, with doctors, naturopaths and therapists dressed in hospital style clothing. But don’t let their medical appearance intimidate you - Hungarians are extremely friendly and welcoming and will bend over backwards to help you.
If you’re there for a specific health complaint - common conditions treated are arthritis, dermatitis and heart disease - spas will arrange a complete programme covering diet, exercise and treatments for maximum health benefits.

If you want the full Hungarian experience, a trip to one of the thermal lake dotted around the country is a must. There’s something very 1950s holiday camp about the wooden huts and changing rooms built around them, and you’ll find yourself accompanied by dozens of overweight Germans drifting around the lake in inflatable rings. But the waters are warm and relaxing and you can almost feel all those healing minerals seeping into your skin.
Hungarian spas won’t suit you if you yearn for white fluffy towels, candles and feather-light massages. But, they are refreshingly unpretentious and do offer exactly what it says on the tin - a no-nonsense, bracing healthy break that will leave you rosy-cheeked, well-fed and refreshed. If you’re recovering from an accident or have a specific complaint that needs some attention, the serious, medical approach could really help.
Hungary also makes a great destination for family holidays. Not only is it very good value for money (a spa break will cost about £800 for seven nights including flights and treatments) but it has reliably hot and sunny weather during the summer. Indeed towns like Heviz are famed for their nearby vineyards.
The countryside is unspoilt and pretty and the local cuisine includes delicacies such as pikeperch and fruit soup, a Hungarian speciality served as a starter and usually made from berries, spices and cream.

Heviz, a town located on the shores of Lake Balaton, Europe’s largest lake. It’s the biggest and best known spa town in Hungary, and is famed for its thermal and mineral waters which are said to cure a vast number of diseases and disorders. One of the best spas to visit is the Danubius Thermal Hotel Heviz, one of a few hotels in the town based around the healing springs - a faint smell of sulphur floats through all the rooms! Accommodation in Hungary doesn’t reach the same heights of luxury as in Western Europe, but the rooms are clean and comfortable.

Know as the Land of Spas, Hungary`s famed thermal and mineral waters are said to cure a plethora of disorders including rheumatism (rheumatic and muscular-skeletal disorders), chronic degenerative joint and spine diseases, osteoarthritis, chronic and half-acute joint- inflammations, rehabilitation after bone and joint operations, post-traumatic conditions, ankylosing spondylitis, spondylosis, spondylarthritis, lumbago and neuralgia.
Before taking any therapeutic treatments consult with your doctor. The potency of the thermal and mineral waters can have contra-indications for people with hypertonia, tuberculosis, malignant tumour, hyperthyreosis, pregnancy, multiple sclerosis, feverish conditions, thrombophlelitis.
A quick guide to the best spas in Hungary.
The traditional Danubius Grand Hotel Margitsziget is one of Budapest’s top hotels with excellent conference and spa facilities and well-appointed accommodation. Connected to neighbouring Danubius Thermal Hotel Margitsziget on Margaret Island via an air-conditioned underground corridor, guests at the Grand can avail themselves of all the spa facilities provided at the Thermal.
The Danubius Thermal Hotel Sarvar is a modern built, four-star hotel set amid beautiful botanical gardens in the town of Sarvar. Its new spa complex.
The historic Danubius Hotel Gellert with its stunning, ornately tiled bathing chambers, is a beautiful hotel on the banks of the sweeping River Danube and close to the main sights of the capital making it ideal if you want to combine spa treatments with sightseeing.