Spa Etiquette - The Dos & Don’ts.

Spas are enjoying a pervasive popularity unlike any time in history. General awareness and appreciation of spa treatments is broad in the marketplace and its growing popularity all over the world has spawned new spa services in some of the most fabulous destinations.
Spas offer a wide variety of techniques and services - traditional and modern, from the East and from the West - to meet the diverse needs of their clients.
There are few things in life as luxurious and rejuvenating as the pampering and attention received at a world-class spa. 
Spas help to melt away the stress of the world in serene, peaceful settings; however undergoing spa therapy for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience.
First time spa goers often feel unprepared and face questions like what to wear, or whether they can select a male or female therapist.
We have compiled a list of Spas-Weekly Dos and Don’ts to help you to understand the wide and overwhelming variety of spa offerings and put you at ease during your first visit.
DO ask questions - Your first step should always be to call the spa and ask them all your questions before you arrive. Professional spa operators will be anxious to answer any question and put you at ease.
DO research beforehand - Spas offer a menu of the services they offer that will describe each treatment and its therapeutic value in detail. Also check out Experience ISPA for a full glossary of spa terms and their definitions. Becoming familiar with the service you are having performed will make you more comfortable.
Don’t be nervous - Spas will never compromise your modesty. Most often, you will be given a robe to change into before your treatment. Under the robe? It`s up to you. Therapists will only expose the portion of your body that is being treated at the time. If your treatment involves water therapy, a swimsuit may be appropriate.
Don’t worry about mixed spas -Most spas are co-ed, but offer separate facilities for men and women.
Don’t feel you have to chat - There`s no pressure to talk during a treatment. It`s entirely up to you. If you have questions or would like to talk during the session, certainly do so. The staff takes their cues from you. If you`re quiet they will be too.
DO inform of physical conditions - If you have a particular injury or physical condition, explain it to the therapist. They can suggest the appropriate adjustments or enhancements to treatments.
DO speak up about your treatment - If your therapist`s touch is too rough or too light - mention it! They`re there for you and their goal is to provide you with your perfect spa experience.
DO express at the time of booking whether you prefer a male or female therapist. Many spas will ask this question when booking your service.