Pioneering Thalassotherapy At The Thermae Del Parco

Forte Village Resort has created å‘Thermae del Parcoå’, an exclusive setting of tropical gardens where spa visitors can discover a unique Thalassotherapy climate and five high saline-density water sea pools.

Milan University has given top marks to the Thermae del Parco Research and Thalasso-therapy Centre. This significant achievement is the result of ground-breaking developments in the creation of a new Thalassotherapy method, set amidst unrivalled natural splendour, and performed by an extraordinary team.The Thermae del Parcoå‘s medical team, in collaboration with the University of Milan, has carried out extensive research on traditional Thalassotherapy - the science which utilises the beneficial effects of seawater on the body.

It has been proven that the climate at Forte Village, in Santa Margherita di Pula situated on the Southwest coast of Sardinia, is perfect for this type of treatment, adding to the traditional Thalassotherapy a new and exclusive natural element; Sea Oil. It is this exclusive formula and the highest density of salt which increases the beneficial effects of traditional Thalassotherapy methods.

Sea Oil Discovery
Following scientific studies and rigorous testing, the Sea Oil (the term ‘oil’ is used as it has a similar consistency) forms the basis of this exciting new Thalassotherapy method. Salt, marine oligo-elements and organic components combine to support a natural physiological balance with a therapeutic and preventive action.
The sea oil is a natural patented product, and the high concentration of magnesium salt helps to accelerate the ionic exchanges with the body. Combined with the therapeutic properties of the Mediterranean’s waters, the cornerstone of these Thalassotherapy treatments, it provides all the advantages of saline high density.

Therapeutic Effect
The effects of this type of therapy are unsurpassed and include; draining, anti-oedema (in all kinds of localised or wide-spread oedemas resulting from traumas and other situations) mio-relaxing (muscular traumas or contractions, dystrophy or atrophies) and also therapeutic in allergic derma pathologies and other skin problems (such as acute psoriasis) and in non-pathological skin diseases (first degree cellulite). Furthermore, due to its physical properties, patients who use the high-density saline baths can float easily in the extremely buoyant water, making it possible to treat all kinds of osteo-articular disorders.


Specifications of the various baths

As in all Thalassotherapy centres, the baths are heated to a temperature of between 38¡ and 20¡ degrees, providing not only the benefits of the water’s density but also the therapeutic properties of high and low temperatures.

Bath N¡ 1 with Sea Oil
The temperature of this bath is about 30/38 degrees and it has a high density of magnesia chloride. This bath is unique in the world. It is a cornerstone of the Forte Village’s Thalassotherapy treatments and is used for therapeutic relaxation. The magnesia salt makes the water dark and has an efficacious thalasso-therapeutic and anti-stress effect. The density of the water is even higher than in the Dead Sea and the exchanges between the patient and the sea are brought to its maximum level.

Bath N¡ 2 with a high integral saline concentration
Temperature is still 30/38 degrees centigrade. Its therapeutic effects complete those of Bath N¡1 and the exchanges between the body and the sea continue.
In this pool it is possible to undertake certain therapeutic water treatments as the effects of the high density allow the body to float in the water. 

Bath N¡ 3
Temperature remains 30/38 degrees centigrade and different levels of hydromassages give a pleasant therapeutic effect as in traditional Thalassotherapy methods.

Bath N¡ 4
Temperature 26/30 degrees centigrade. The therapeutic action of the different temperatures combines with the therapeutic action of the Mediterranean waters and the positive energy of hydromassages for a fundamental vein constriction action in peripheral circulatory pathologies.

Bath N¡ 5
Temperature can reach 20 degrees centigrade. This large pool, a toning and regenerating bath with hydromassages, is ideal following the warm baths and the perfect place for individual and group hydro-exercise activities.

Total Thalasso Treatments
The thalasso-therapeutic methods of the Thermae del Parco also include the application of other natural elements, such as marine mud with a sea oil base, sea weeds and native salt. These treatments complement Thalassotherapy for total treatment and work to enhance the draining, anti-stress, and therapeutic effects of the five pools in this unique location.
In addition to the heated seawater pools, it is possible to undertake a dry sand bath to complete the Thalassotherapy treatments. The dry sand bath is a thermotherapy where the ionising effect of sun and light, plus the sand’s special characteristics; size, chemical and mineral composition of grains, and quantity of organic substance, all work to enhance the treatments and embrace a true sense of Thalassotherapy.

Thermae del Parco is not only an exclusive sanctuary set in a superb location, but it also provides a therapy selection that is second-to-none, including osteopathic treatments, Shiatsu massage, personal analysis by medical staff, lymphodrainage, dietetic alimentary advice and classical beauty treatments - to name but a few.